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how beautiful - love the colour of his beard - and his eyes are quite wonderfully soul piercing and mischievous, just as i imagine they would be - what a creative person you are mark, to be able to capture some of his spirit in paint !!

So when you say; "not brilliant" you are really just being reticent about the actual brilliance of the icon? Mark, is there no end to your creative genius? I just used the Brendan meditation "Set Sail" at the St Albans Folk festival (St Albans NSW Australia) I presented a workshop on Celtic and European meditation. There were more people who wouldn't describe themselves as followers of Jesus than there were followers and they all got a heap out of it - Brendan has so much to offer even those not yet close to or even moving toward the centre!

I hope you plan a trip to Australia one day Mark, I'd love to spend time with you

Wow. There's a lot of detail there. You've got a real knack with colour.

Have you tried doing gold leaf? That's really a lot of "fun" to play with.

That's beautiful. I love the textures you've achieved.

Thanks all...

Greg thats fantastic to hear, I need to add that story to the portfolio of Brendan stories we're hearing... it is incredible how God is using that story again and so good to hear it connecting with people who wouldn't come close to using the "C" word ;) Likewise re. the time, I do hope to come to Aus/NZ sometime, well, I'd love to anyway... God willing!

Mike, I might not have posted it if you hadn't twittered me into it ;) I thought about using Gold leaf on it, but there was such an expanse of Gold I thought it might be a bit pricey... and would you believe there is no Art supply shop in Telford... so I had to make do with the best WHSmiths could offer! re. detail and texture... I guess that's they style I've always painted... drawing with paint rather than smooth brushwork... it took me a week to do, doing a couple of hours a day... I could still do more on it but varnished it yesterday so I couldn't "fiddle"!

Sarah, as a painter yourself I appreciate your encouragement... thanks :)

That is amazing - thanks for sharing it

This is absolutely magnificent!

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