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At least you not picking the easy topics to post about! The Trinity is one of those really abstract and difficult concepts to get out head around - and anyone who says they understand the trinity is kidding themselves (IMHO). I love Rublevs Icon - and have found several good discussions on it - http://www.myspace.com/reloc.cfm?c=2&id=01e67ca5-f10d-4384-88bd-01b6a3a9dddc is a good one. I like the imagery of the trinity who are in communion with each other drawing us, via the empty space at the table, into communion as well. Excellent post Mark

forget that link I posted up there - I siply pasted a link I'd copied previously without copying the link I actually wanted to post - HERE is the link I actually wanted to post to the Rublev Icon discussion http://www.wellsprings.org.uk/rublevs_icon/

this book is on my "to read" bookshelf, so glad for your thought. I am intrigued and convinced of the theological impetus for community coming from the Trinity. Seems an important reality for those of living in neo-monastic communities, particularly to deepen our own understanding of what God is doing in our midst. Also wondering if diving into this truth might actually help us live together better?

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