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this is THE book or idea that tim dakin is using to talk about re-founding CMS. did you know that? who put you on to it?!

LOL... it won't surprise you then that it was Chris at our last meeting in London.

this puts me in mind of the old work by James Fowler / John Westerhoff on faith development. How we go through a questionning, de-constructing phase of faith and life which leads us on at some point to an place of "owning our faith for ourselves". This is a deeply liminal experience which eventually leads to a re-aggregation of our faith. Fascinating how these experiences always seem to be found in both individual and corporate places.

Great post and looks like a really interesting book.

I've been mulling recently on how the founders of religions tended to initiate these processes... Such a shame that their followers have tended to solidify and purify their thoughts and not engage in a similar on-going work.

I guess there's something in the nature of "founders" and "followers" that means there is a certain inevitability in that... and I suppose this taps into the entrepreneurial stuff too. One of our approaches has been to learn from Darren Rowse (the Living Room in Aus) and invest time in codifying the foundation story, the DNA if you like... seeing that as the constant not the structures and patterns, using it as an anchor/question in terms of reflection... e.g. if our foundation story is about risk, how do we live that and can we hold what we are doing/being against it and say with all honesty that we are still true to/in touch with the foundation story... and the founder.

That's good. And I think this taps into one of the major debates about new testament scholarship, and interpretation of the bible in general... Is Paul describing DNA, or a particular organism that has evolved in a particular place from that DNA?

This looks like a creative and helpful reapplication of the "Grief Process."

Mark: I haven't looked at your blog for a while, there doesn't seem to be any way of scrolling back to look at items in May - you seem to have deleted your shortcuts to your archive!

Richard... you can use the tag cloud... but as its you, I've reinstated the date style links too :-) Is this a Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0 question I wonder? ;-)

Thanks... much easier!!!!

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