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I read the whole letter - thanks for the link. A friend of mine went on Saturday. What did Rowan say about the issue?

Basically that the Bible was clear in it's prohibition of Homosexual behaviour but that we should celebrate the ministry of Gay clergy.

Thanks - I didn't think he held that view, I assumed he was much more open on the issue

Mark, Roy Clement's long quotation is deeply flawed. Firstly, Christians did indeed know of "same sex" relationships and marriages - cf for example Plato's Symposium where once such "lifelong relationship is celebrated - yet still rejected by Jews and Christians.
Secondly, David and Jonathan's relationship was not sexual or it would have been condemned by the Deuteronimist redactors who tell us of their personal history. Thirdly, the bible doesn't "approve" slavery -the OT is a the story of thwe liberation of slaves. Fourthly, the fact that "some" so called German Christians quoted the bible anti-semitically did not prevent the truth from coming out. People like Barth and Bonhoffer suffered and or died for rejecting National Socialism. Fifthly, Roy Clement abandoned his wife when he met another man. She was his lifelong, loyal wife - utterly blameless. Yet Mr Clements had the audacity to set up a website where for seven years he pilloried the evangelical churches for their bypocrisy. Mr Clement's sinful behaviour and hypocrisy is the greatest argument against the points he makes in your citation

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