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Seems to me once again that the place of religion in common life is actually the antithesis of the gospel it claims to be proclaiming.

Like your thoughts. When symbols are stripped of that which they originally signified they become empty, self referential, or worse, a smoke screen.

Many Christian Ministers do actually wash real feet as part of the Maundy Thursday liturgy.

They do Ben... tbh I was using the Queen's Maundy service as an example, but even if they do it's more often than not sanitised - I once was asked to take part and the Vicar asked me to wash my feet before I came! We wrote a liturgy a couple of years ago called "Scraping off the Shit" trying to recapture something of the reality of the foot wasing - to re-place it in community and service... the point for me is if it simply part of a liturgy and does not point to a real liturgy (i.e. a poetic symbol of a real work of God's people) then it ceases for me to be a symbol and becomes a meaningless ritual.

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An intriguing post made all the more fascinating by the amgiguous Judao-Christian attitude to monarchy. The issue runs far deeper than Maundy Thursday. My republican hackles rise every time there's mention of the Kingdom of God. But that's tied up with the richness of Christian symbolism. The 'baggage' in the symbolism sometimes sits uneasily with us but I suspect the tension is helpful even if we have a negative reaction.

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