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Wow. Love it. Thanks.

I've been plugging Vincent Donovan hard, as the person from whom I think I've actually learned what pioneer ministry is supposed to be. It's amazing how his work crops up again and again in missional contexts.

And when people have read Vincent Donovan, the next missional writer for me is Roland Allen (former Vicar of Chalfont St Peter), with a very similar concept of the role of priests as enablers and stewards rather than Lords over the Church

Great quote Mark...we rediscover who the priest is, we can then re-imagine church.

Hmm, that implies that there is a single priest in a community, and I'm not sure that that's right. Sounds more like the rector, who perhaps need not actually be a priest.

Thanks for this Mark - a great quote which speaks to me of the collaboration of all the community in ministry and servant leadership on the part of the priest.

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