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I have always had a love/hate relationship with 'locking away' training. I hear a lot of the criticism but from my own experience I needed it. I needed to read, pray and talk to other Christian 'leaders' of different traditions. I needed space as an introverted learner.

I also found that two or three placements, playing in the university football league (don't mention 'that' tackle again; I've apologised at least three times and have now retired) and playing in a band whilst remaining a husband and father were plenty of grounding.

I think a variety of approaches to training in future will do us good. Some of us need locking away.

I understand the need for reflection Steve, but I've always found my reflections so much meatier when I had real world issues to chew on. Does action and reflection need to be seen as mutually exclusive. Speaking as an introvert myself here.

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