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Hi Mark,

Just want to add a few words of support from myself and no doubts other people who you have come to know here in Telford, Mark i dont consider myself a religeous person, but i do consider myself spritual, i have spoke with you on many issues, be they about football or indeed close and personal to myself, you have been there and helped with compassion and understanding everytime, i am i am not alone in saying that your work in the local community is vastly appriaciated, I do hope that those last few years are not coming to end.


Ron, thanks for that mate it means a huge amount :)

This is a bit spooky, Mark. Some uncertainty also hangs over the continuation of my post too. And the issue here is also half the funding looking a bit wobbly. We always have to live with a degree of uncertainty but it is a major distraction when you’re not sure if you’re going to be around to see things through. It certainly curtails one’s freedom to innovate -- should you start something new if you may not be there to bring it to birth? My prayers are with you for this time. It’s disappointing isn’t it that when things get tight financially that there’s a strong temptation to retreat into the more familiar patterns. And we know where that will lead us...


so sorry to hear about this stressful time for you & Lou. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Not sure how to pray for you, as i am struggling with prayer in my life right now and wondering if it works or not. Anyways, know i love and support you.


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