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That's a really fair reflection Mark... And I appreciate the little nudge about being more inclusive in the discussion. I'm conscious that in responding to Pete and Kester, I too am formulating my ideas and they are very probing thinkers so need an exacting critique. I think you make a very good point about the need for narrative and Kester and Pete do that well... And narrative is very powerful! Thus, a concern to pull back from the powerful story (myth?) of the outsider as redemptive per se. But thanks Mark for your important corrective to any polarising in the debate.

Mark - as a writer, I'm a major fan of stories (with emphasis on the plural). My only concern is what happens in the US when only those stories that can find publishing houses are the ones that get told. Often the really good stories remain hidden and I find one of my jobs is to go out searching for these gems.

cheers Mark - good thoughts.

on this subject - you have to check out the comment from a guy in Australia in response to a post on my blog about Rollin's 'The Orthodox Heretic'.

its here:


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