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AN Wilson wrote :-

'Of course, only hard evidence will satisfy the secularists, but over time and after repeated readings of the story, I've been convinced without it.'

Faith - belief without evidence.

You will search in vain for any evidence by Wilson that the creator of the universe was incarnated as a human being, and spent his time , partly, if I remember right, telling his friends where to get free money by looking in the mouth of a fish.

I think actually faith=belief without "proof" - there is a huge difference between evidence and proof... But hey keep setting up your straw-men if it makes you feel better

Straw-men means quoting what Wilson said. He didn't have any hard evidence, but believed the story anyway.

Who knows? Perhaps he also found some money in the fish of a mouth and so knew that Jesus would have told his friends where there was free money

To be honest, I was pretty sceptical of the idea of a talking donkey, as in 2 Peter, until I read Wilson's article.

His writing shakes the faith of sceptics that a talking donkey is impossible.

LOL haven't you seen "Mr Ed"? Perhaps Balaam's Ass was good friends with Schroedinger's Cat?

Trying to listen well in a raging universe, and our ongoing discovery, is a challenge by any standard. I appreciate the listening I hear A.N. doing, and the deep breath that enables us to turn a corner in our most firm postures of belief.

This is the gift of God - not that we must change, but that we can.

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