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I can relate to this and have experienced it many times on the tube.
I think the way to break the cycle is to do exactly what you did.

I wonder if what he and his partner were doing is what we in 'Christian' circles would be calling 'a prayer journey'. Was he praying for everyone in the train, was he interceding on behalf of all on that journey in his Muslim way? Considering his warmth toward you I wonder if that is what he was doing.

Agree with Rob, we break this one at a time i.e. each of us does the right thing like you did

You did it. You looked another human being in the eye and expressed friendship and acceptance - in the face of the silliness.

Well done. It's all incremental, and the teachers among us must articulate our choices in those moments for others to remember in their own.

Cheers to the healing of the human family, and the representing of the truly human Jesus in the world in which we live.

This seems like the most comprehensive blog on this niche

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