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Love this! Can we make it into one you can wear?

Would be great - when/if I make Bishop it's the cross I'd choose ;-)

Nathan this is brilliant. Your Mum and Dad are so lucky to have a wonderful boy like you living with them. I have put it on my blog but I don't know how to do the linking stuff yet. Love all the way from Australia, Mavis

How sad that the open/fluid/plastic unformed mind, or rather consciousness, of a mere 5 year old has already been indoctrinated, and thus infected, with such confusing nonsense.

John, I suggest you write to the Education secretary as the reason he made it was that they had been told the Easter story at School! FYI he as an incredibly enquiring mind and we talk to him about anything he wants to explore - science, nature, spirituality whatever.. actually he like most boys used to be fascinated by Dinosaurs, trouble is many of the books about paleontology he has contradict each other so much, would you recommend we burn them all?

Our children always amaze us when they express faith so simply and so well don't they. I remember drawings like this, though my now 20 yr olds have moved beyond this wonderful simplicity to questioning...

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