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Great article. Good information about the emerging church, but I agree on the American perspective. As a Canadian Christian, I find it amazing how the American church experience is a completely different animal from what is seen in Canada.
Not that it's bad at all, but it can be difficult to draw parallels in such an "apples and oranges" situation.
Thanks for sharing.

Things must simply be said, a few hundred times, before the truth bubbles to the surface and demands our attention.

Cheers to the saying of things, with at least some commitment to accuracy and statistics.


The Emergent Manastic Movement is not of The Bible it is of man - what they:



The Truth has already bubbled to the surface - it is contained in The Word of God.
You would do well to turn your attention of His Demands to REPENT.

‘Emerging churches are communities that practice the way of Jesus within postmodern cultures.'

How does Emergent define this 'way of Jesus'?

Connie/One-Lamb, you are welcome but in future please do not post multiple comments and be honest enough not to comment under different names on the same post... both could be considered spamming.

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