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if only this would happen, but it is much to easy to point out the faults of others than admit our own.


very refreshing ... imagine what Christianity could look like in this country if John 13:34 was at the centre of all that happened rather than one doctrine or another ...

Hello Mark

I live as a fan of neo-liberal (if that means postevangelical progressive) Christianity in the strange religious landscape of Northern Ireland - we are a rare breed in my context.

I would be happy to call the 'health and wealth' gospel or a theology that pronounced the Jews guilty of Deicide as insidious/misconcieved due to what is at stake (I would try to love the individual person but we very critical of their views). I think the blog you refer to in your post was trying to do the same from his perspective...


hello Mark

To be honest I have mixed/encountered many of the postevangelical wing who have a sneering, disdainful and arrogant attitude to 'evangelicals'(fundies) when you talk to them one to one which they would never admit to publicly on a blog (i have been guilty of this as well) so the idea of loving one another is applicable to all the different streams within the christian tradition.


Rodney - re. your first comment, there's all sorts of stuff I struggle with or even disagree with... for example, Conservative Evangelicals like Adrian Warnock , the extreme Charismatics (of the likes of Bob Jones) and aspects of Roman Catholicism... but I would hope that we could find a shared a sense of direction, a common pursuit of God despite being in different places... the blog post in question didn't (to me) do that, rather likened people like Steve Chalke as a traitor in their midst!

I guess I want to have my cake and eat it and say that there are some things that look like Christianity that are so greed/me focused that they are facing in the opposite direction... but I would still want to (as you say) seek to dialogue in a way which was loving... although I hold my hands up and say I don't always succeed as I'm sure readers of way-out-west will be able to bear testament to! (especially where a certain Calvinist from Seattle has been concerned!)

re. your second comment... 100% agree! Though I would say I think there is a huge difference between evangelicals and "fundies"!

Hello Mark

May I commiserate with you in advance about a fleeting moment of sadness which will undoubtedly assail you for a moment on the Lords Day at about 6.30 when Derby having been beaten at least 4-0 are knocked out of the FA Cup by Man U. GGMU


Hi Rodney :) On paper your right... but that;s what most folk said before the last two games! & let me remind you that Man U in the last 13 games of any competition have let in 4 goals, 3 have been scored by Derby! Oh and does tis prediction mean you are losing confidence in the Reds... last time you forecast 5:0! ;-)

My predictive powers are not bad - 4-1 instead of 4-0...I suppose the most positive spin you can put on the game is Derby scored a goal (a good header!)


TBH Rodney... I think Derby did quite well, particularly in the 2nd half - against a team 36 places higher in the league (to say nothing of the 2nd Richest team in the world - I'm sure Ronaldiveo is worth more than the whole Derby Squad put together!)

The fact Derby have scored 4 out of the 5 goals Man U have let in over the last 14 games is not bad is something to be positive about ;) and let's be honest it was 3-1 ;) as Park was clearly interfering with play for Man U's "2nd" one of the worst decisions I've seen since Stuart Atwell!

It would have been a massive shock for Man U to have lost twice at PP especially as that would have been the same number of games they have lost in Premie$hip all season! So all in all... lots of positives for Derby, who seem to have used the win as a boost to the season.

hello mark

Ronaldiveo???????????? seriously you are right - well taken points and I see Derby won 4-1 recently!


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