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BEAUTIFUL! Now,, i wonderwhat their music would soundlike if it was remixed with ambient beats?

glad you love 'em dude.. they doth rock... plus... i love them way toooo much as friends and family- so i'm a bit biased!
thanks for the shout out ... !!! i'll tell Stephen... i know they want to do a UK thing... but some of 'em work reg. jobs.. like Marta on the Violin (such a doll!) but she works in public school teaching music...... but there is some inside secret workings going on for the new CD...... i'll tell ya when i can.... for now its Top secret... and "i'd have ta kill yuh" if i told.
blessings and shalom!

Oh, easiest way to check out a few my musical peeps is to go to my blog and scroll down on the right to Tribe- Family of Friends - next to some of the names it says MUSIC.. so it's a link to their stuff... so go play and spread the love. Blessings.
K8 (andrew calls me that.. though i hate Kate and use Cathryn it's kind a quirky lil nick that saves some time lol)

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