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It was not a bad programme, IMO - a bit downbeat, though the story arc was to take the listener really down, then bring them up a little. Very Radio 4 (as a seasoned listener) - and the first substantial piece of media coverage there about the emerging church conversation that I've come across.

You're absolutely right, I think, to use the process as a two-way learning curve. Not just communicating, but learning how otherd perceive your act of communicating. That's a hugely valuable experience to have had, which came across on the show.

Some odd thoughts from someone who is doing something similar in Whitley Bay (I bumped into you at GB in 2007). First, if anything about church is up for discussion this day and age, it must all be up for discussion. There's so much finely argued science and cultural and historical commentary on the roots of Humanity, and Christianity in particular, that it is simply no longer tenable for anyone pursuing mission to start from the position 'We've definitely got the answer'. No-one has the answer, not in a definable way, any more. No answer save the experience of Love out of which we act.

Second, plus ca change... the sheer potential for sensory and information overload is turning us all into provisional users of data in a way we haven't since Hunter-Gatherer days. We simply don't have time to generate an overarching narrative any more. Save that for heaven. I could expand this hugely - but this is just a comment. My advice in response is to take a leaf out of the shaman's book and remove every vestige of religious casing from what you do (tho' I'm sure you do this anyway). Simply take what comes, and remember we've been here before (not least in gospel-days).

Third, if you knew what the outcomes of what you are doing were going to be, you'd probably want to subvert it a little. Am I right? That's a good thing, not a bad thing, in my book.

Ramblings. Sorry if I speak out of turn. What you are doing in Telford is brilliant and I look forward to hearing more one day.

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