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I'll be listening. Have you heard it yet, or as it goes out?

no not heard it... and tbh I probably wont listen live... I may record it wait to see what people say then if it is broadly positive, listen! I'm a coward ;-) I may not listen at all, it's just too weird to hear yourself and too frustrating to know the bits of the conversations that have been left on the cutting room hard drive! I juts hope it's balanced. The last evening he spent with us was on the first night of Sank•tuary and we where so busy and involved in it I didn't feel like I answered his questions well... he was trying to get some end of programme quotes but my head and heart weren't in it... and I'd got fed up of the process by then anyway!

Thing is .... I'm a Physical Therapist Assistant and a Bodyworker/Massage Therapist... so i often get into "spiritual convo's" with those in more new age streams... there are a bunch of us that are exploring the bodywork aspect of touch and power of Holy Spirit .... Reiki and the like are not counterfeit in it's ability to tap into something deeper .... kinda like they are just plugged into the wrong socket or outlet..... that verse about the gifts being without repentance ..... there are many that have genuine spiritual gifts but don't realize that it's from HIM! I've just found that many in the "church" won't touch that area with a ten foot pole..... but that's a convo that needs to take place and not be feared just because it seems strange. How Holy Spirit can be strange too- LOL.... kinda amazing when those that call themselves "spiritual" but not religious... realize that God isn't religious but passionately in love with them... I gotta say... some of what i do and where i go is risky and some churchy folks don't quite get it.... (friendly fire ain't so friendly) ---- but it's sooo worth it. Ok done walking around your blog street for tonight. blessings. cat

Hey Cat, I totally agree... tbh this was one of the things the producer just couldn't get... he kept trying to set up confrontations between me and the other folk there... and we just wouldn't have it... he couldn't understand that we where there first and foremost to engage in conversation (which includes a lot of listening) and simply to pray for people who come to those things looking for peace/healing. There is a mix of good stuff, fake stuff and some stuff that makes you feel very very uncomfortable at the fairs... it's not all black and white (that will get me some fundy-flak!)

It's hard for some Church folk not to think of everything in a dualistic/combative way... sad but it seems this may have seeped so very deep into the remaining modern culture (of which Radio 4 is very much a part) that they too can't see beyond it.

My gut on it... is some church folk sense the battle of it all... and there is a dark spiritual component in a lot of it... but they forget the verse about "our battle is not with flesh and blood, but powers and principalities"- so in the "fight" so to speak, they tend to target the human heart/mind aspect and argue in flesh format. Which as Rick Joyner once said... "flesh can't rebuke flesh".... So- instead of loving people into the kingdom, it becomes an argument .... and even if the motive of love is somewhere present, all the tit for tat, "i'm right and have the truth and you don't" BS...... the actual motivating "love" gets lost or severely looses it's street cred! I often get questioned with........... "do you do Energy work?" which i grin and say "yes... but i just call it Dunimus" and instead of "laying on of hands"- i usually use my elbow! Keep up what your doing.... (like you'd actually have a choice in it.. when HE picks you... lol) but feel free to shout out if i can be of any assistance in the convo. Just remember to "run the drills" after leaving a space like that... i hate the lil critters that try and jump in the back pack ... i usually jump in the shower, lay hands on the water hose and ask the Lord to change it into Holy Water and wash crap off......... Actually, when i do bodywork, i usually wash my hands before and after... for hygiene reasons, but also as a spiritual ritual ....... transference can go both ways... - lol..... well so much for Fundy Flack... i get kinda use to it.- but it is hurtful no matter how many times ya get hit with it.... i'll keep ya in prayer dude.. blessings. cat

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