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don't forget the lippy!
watch out though you might end up becoming the new 'steve chalk'?

lol.. Steve is a top bloke... but I don't think you'll see me on GMTV!

I can't get a handle on Cherie Blair/Booth so if it was me, I'd probably tell them where to go. But then I don't watch much TV - if it was Radio 4, I'd be there like a shot!

I guess the issue is what you would hope to get out of this kind of publicity, Mark. I can't help you there, being a total media virgin.

mark hope the programme is ok - i'll be teaching so will miss it... media tart was of course meant to be cheeky! ;-)

Mark - As a working writer, I want to apologize that you were treated in this manner. When I profile ministries such as yours, I make it a point to let the leader or some appointed representative review what I've written to be sure I represented them fairly. The exception is if I go into a church service such as Mark Driscoll/Mars Hill Church in Seattle where I am reporting on my experiences as a participant - there I am also satirizing a very public figure who has marketed himself as an anti-Emergent church (tm) guru, so he's fair game.

The Q to ask yourself is 1) do you trust this producer to do a fair representation of you on the television show? Also, do you see these clips as being helpful tools that you can use elsewhere?

BTW-The producer isn't likely to have much control over the promotional material but you can check to see if an exception can be made in your case citing your previous experience. Another Q there to ask is how many people will actually read the program listing versus watch the show? Will the good in letting seekers know there are places like Safe Space outweigh the fact that the write-up about this might be penned by one of Monty Python's Twits?

I've been watching this .. it's been a really good series so far .. not sensationalist or hyped up with talking heads appearing to be respected in their views and representations. It was pick of the day in whatever Sunday paper TV guide we had that week and if Radio 4 did TV I expect it would be like this.

My question is, what are they going to show if you don't go on there? Who knows what other talking heads they'll have on with thoughts on the future of Christianity. That, to me, is the scarier prospect!

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