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I love this line 'To risk making beauty'.

We are made in the image of God and so should embrace our God given gifts in creativity. You don't have to look far to see how God has enjoyed his creativity (the Baboon for one!), so we have been given the licence to do it!

I wonder how this might shape Worship in our church today?


Hey Mark do you know my buddies Derek and Amy Chapman... (good friends of Andrew's too) Amy and Derek are two amazing Artisans in this Cosmic Kingdom of God... (they are part of the reason that me and Phil moved to Austin) Derek and i have been cohorts in kingdom shenanigans for over 10 years now... they have a blog...... thebearablelight- just google..... but Derek's got some cool teaching on Arts in the Kingdom... you might like to take a gander. Blessings dude... if you come thru Austin... our door is open and some good single malt is around for the sipping while pondering how big a paint brush God has! shalom and blessings....! xoCathryn

Oh, PS.... i like the blog really nice set up.. mine is just a simple G-blog format thought about changing it or moving the site.... but....i've got some google cred going... so felt like i wasn't supposed to change it just yet.. though i'm a bit frustrated with the limited abilities.
blessings. xo cathryn

This is a common theme running through my life right now as I try to combine the worship artisan in me with the reality of being wife and mom instead of keeping them separate entities. Like you are encouraging us to do, I want to take more risks and express and explore my God-given creativity...whether it's through music, a canvas, or a meal creatively prepared... I appreciate what you said about the process being more beautiful and rich than even the finished product. I guess it's not so much about the destination as it is about the journey.

So glad I found your blog.

Thanks for this

This is so much at the heart of what I've been feeling these days. Our God, the ultimate creator, made us in His image - so let's make beautiful stuff!

I love this. Have always felt that when it says in the Bble that we are created in God's image it refers to the fact that we are creative beings just like our creator.
I think I'll give it a go on friday.

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