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Hey Mark, it is delusional to believe much will change. There will be the appearance of multilateralism and cooperation along with token gestures, but in reality the Democrats are as shady and power hungry as any other party. In our system, Congress governs, not the President. The President has no power outside of the “bully pulpit” and the veto pen (not to discount how formidable both can be). American's are still a center right people and if Congress moves much the left of this spot, they will be out of control real fast (as the Republicans found out when the move to far to the right). So, for the Democrats to stay in power, they will moderate, but not change American policy.

As for economic policy, any economist will tell you that the President has little influence. The current economic mess in America can be laid directly at the feet of Congress.

If the world wants a multilateral and cooperative America, they better pray that Obama keeps us as safe a Bush did (even though I dislike his methods). America will not stand for any more 9/11s and will demand retribution if another one occurs.

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