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I would say that The Shack was...by far... the most captivating fiction book I have read in a long time! Loved it so much, I couldn't put it down!

Really got me thinking more about the Trinity and shattered some misconceptions I have held (unknown to me). I know The Shack is "fiction" but it led me to look deeper into my own long held beliefs. It made God seem more real to me. Put an image of the Trinity in my head.

I could go on, but I've rambled long enough!

i bought this book for my mom as i didn't know any other books to give her while she's getting ready for chemo, ironically she never read it and kept reading the pentisperity crap novel she pick up in a local christian book store and then one of her freinds gave her the same book which she then decide to read.

the bonus side of this snubbing (as i do consider my self a bit of a conisour when it comes to picking books, CDs or video's for others to read) is that i have a spare copy to start reading and even only one chapter in the tone of the book is lovely and the writting is much better than i expected from a christian book store book (although i bought my copy in waterstone i think when my moms freind told her it was in wesley owen i think she felt safe to read it).

the real benifit though is that now when i talk about faith with her (probably the reason she didn't trust the book initially) rather than giving me a somewhat vacant 'what are you talking about willis' face she seems more open to what i'm thinking as well as comprehening and understanding what i'm saying alittle bit more.

I just listened to two talks given by Young. Both very powerful, and would definitely mean more after having read the book. You'll need a chunk of time, but it is well worth it!



I'm also reading this book at the moment. I'm enjoying it immensely but I'm finding it a bit weird getting my head around the characterisation of the Trinity. I suppose my pre-conceived ideas are a bit too fixed! And as far as Jesus goes, he reminds me a bit too much of the Jesus character from the Mr Deity web series - do a google search if you haven't seen Mr Deity...

By habit, I am suspicious of books that are popular, especially in the Christian market. I read The Shack guardedly expecting for Oprah's New Age type religion/philosophy.

I was pleasantly surprised with this stirring and unforgettable story about God's love and spiritual healing.

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What follows for Mack is a time of several years described as The Great Sadness. Mack cannot forgive himself, and perhaps understandably, he blames God for allowing such a tragedy to happen to him. His relationship with God only worsens, becoming stoic and devoid of emotion.

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