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I love the song and I love your thoughts. I agree. I was thinking about that today in fact. I was listening to my "pray as you go" podcast last night and the scripture was Galatians where Paul talks about the Galatians being bewitched by returning to the Law - and the commentary was talking about how much we like law because it's certain, it's reliable...but faith is not so certain, not so clear-cut and we tend to be afraid of faith but easily rely on/fall on Law...except that we're called to live by faith, walk by faith and fall on grace.

oh and I like that music sub culture too

those lyrics are great, i really enjoyed Paul when he was on later with jools promoing that album i might have to go pick up a copy

I totally get what you say about the idol of certainty and accompanying pilgrims, in fact i was talking to my mom a while ago (in one of our now i'm living back under your roof should probably know where my faith is at conversations) and said to her 'i'd rather be uncertain and hope in a God that has saved everyone than be certain of God who damms some to hell.' But i'm also still think of myself a christian and for me that mostly about trying to do this journey accompanied by Jesus.

I was just wondering how you approach the inclusion of Jesus introduction of Jesus in the spiritual journey/pilgrim accompaning

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