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thats cool
the beauty of small boat bir sea's rythm is how simple it is
dead sticky
easy to remember

Indeed, I wanted my exploration to reflect the trinity and the in and out of things like blessing and prayer - I can be blessed and prayed for by the "non-Christian"... and the need for rest!

like this - like the way it emerges from scripture.

do you imagine doing one of these a day?

this would be fun to try with our multi-congregational approach - we'd have different people doing different days at the same time - sort of like singing a round in God's world.


Good question Steve... I don't know at the moment... the community decided last night to walk the rhythm with me, which makes me very excited ... we want it to be fun, not to be an obligation, so I guess we have to play with it to see how it enlivens us and whether it can dovetail with our daily liturgy - it may actually help to put a new life into it!? I like the round singing picture... that would be fun!

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