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Hi Mark,

I've been reflecting along similar lines - http://dowsetts.blogspot.com/2008/09/semi-circle.html


My revelation of journeying with God was birthed in danger and fear
and I've realised that knowing how to rest in Him didn't enter my heart,only the strugggle to survive.Yet the deepest part of my soul sighs and calls me to rest. But how?
Each of us at Safe Space have walked different journeys to come to this point.Our stories are radically different and yet we together ask how to rest,to find the rhythm that inspires and feeds who we are.That captures us into freedom.
What a journey the next few months are going to be as together we wrestle to rest and begin to walk with a rhythm/beat that moves us beyond who we are and further into who He is.The new language,beyond words, that we seek,becoming continously revealed.
I am excited and scared and commited to this journey,like Peter leaping before I look.
Mark can I roar like a lion now or should I just wait till Thursdays meditation?

Hey Tam... when you need to Roar, you need to Roar :-D

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