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ABC World News Tonight confirms our website prophecy brought down the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign.

Dear Mr Howard, thanks for popping by, I will be sure to keep an eye on your presidential campaign... if, as you prophesy on your web site you are elected as to the position of President of the USA later this year I will celebrate it loud and clear on this Blog... if however your prophecies turn out to be false then rest assured I will also bring it to the attention of readers.

What BS spin will they come up with next, all to avoid saying ops we got it wrong

I guess you have lower your conference fee's if you start admitting that your not always right with you prophecies

Surely something so massive as this will throw some dents in the stage prophet circus, You'd think the charismatic world would start to wake up to the whole oooh there's a big move of God coming, revivals just round the corner, Gods given you a voice that will touch thousands, a ministry that will change millions, Gods looking for generation who he can really work through. Blah Blah Blah prophet nonsense.

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