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so not surprised that driscoll would make any errors about anything in any speech he's ever given. that man's mouth is bigger than his brain. i can think of at least 3 things wrong with americans giving a critique of any other western country

1. all this garbage about socialism being wrong - whatever presence socialism has actually had in oz (like uk), it has led to free public education, comprehensive public health, fairer tax systems. and i these are things being pushed by more than half the voting public in the usa. d'uh
2. brits aren't entrepreneurial? there wouldn't be a usa were it not for the entrepreneurialism of the uk.
3. brits are our main migrant group? maybe in the 1800s. people from non-english speaking descent outnumber people from english-speaking descent, and irish descendants outnumber british descendants in some states. (of course he was speaking to anglicans, so i'm pretty sure that mistake would have been overlooked).
4. someone invited mark driscoll to speak? shows how sydney anglicans are becoming far more sexist and exclusivist as the years go on. we already knew this, but it's a pretty big confirmation.

I'm with paul - the fact that the Aussies brought in Driscoll to speak to (WTH?!) the Anglicans? - there is SO MUCH WRONG with that picture.

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