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Mark, interesting story.

Indeed, for balance I don't know if a translation of the chant was available (screen, service sheet etc.) if not then I can understand people being uncomfortable... but an enquiry as the the meaning before public condemnation would not have been that difficult!

The THE JESUS PRAYER is all that we should say!

The Orthodox world - and beyond - is acquainted
with the justly famous and righteous Elder Joseph the Hesychast,
who reposed on the Holy Mountain in 1959. Less known outside Russia is
Archbishop Golinsky-Michaelovsky, who was another
committed practioner and teacher of The Jesus Prayer.
The English Language Editor was Fr. Ambrose (Young) and the
Publisher was The Skete of the Entrance of the
Theotokos into the Temple in Haysville, Ohio.

2 Elders... whilst I would encourage the use of the Jesus Prayer, you can't seriously believe it's "all that we should say"!? That's a bit limiting don't you think? What about the Lord's prayer for a start off... I would have thought that even in your tradition other things/words/meditations are used?

And with respect, you have posted the same comment half a dozen times now, if you cut'n'paste the same thing again I'm afraid I will have to classify it as spam and delete it/ban the IP address.

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