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Hi mate
While I agree something needs to happen - for once I don't agree with you on the economics sanction front. (which I'm glad about as gives me an excuse to comment!)

History shows that economic sanctions alone do not work, as it is the poor that suffer as the corrupt leaders will always be able to buy what they need somehow. A current example is that there is a fuel shortage in Zimbabwe - yet ZanuPF have no problem driving up and down the country in their guzzling 4 WD's.

Sanctions in South Africa took over 20 years - I'm not sure the people of Zimbabwe can wait that long (and neither can the people of Burma)

What we need is targeted sanctions (arms etc) alongside a peace keeping force. The people here are being treated much much worse than those in Iraq under Hussain and we went in uninvited - for the sake of these people sending the army in to overthrow an unjust government, although seemingly brutal, is the most direct way to save lives.

Good point and, I agree Rob... It was the Arms embargo and the freezing of certain individuals and companies I was really supporting... along with the Diplomatic sanctions, I think there has yet to be any firm decision on economic sanctions... and I fully agree with your concerns about the negative knock ons from that particular lever.

Your point about the uneven attitude re. Iraq was the point of my earlier post :)

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