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I was really interested to read this. I've had people ask me what I think about what's going on there, everyone from those who have no doubts to those who have no belief. I find it intriguing to read well-informed opinions of the goings-on.

The apparently narcissistic quotation is taken out of context. In context, it does not parallel John 21. Moreover, in context, most of the occurrences of the word "me" refer to Todd's pastor rather than Todd.

Here is my transcription of Todd's remarks, from the June 23 Lakeland episode, beginning at about 22:19:24 EST:


And so I want to give everybody, and especially our guests and leaders, an opportunity to say, "Todd, we love you. We stand with you and here's our offering."

You know my pastor said to me one time. I went to this church. He said, "Todd, do you really love me?" I said, "I love you." He said, "Todd, do you really love me?" I said, "I love you." He goes, "How come you don't bless us?" I said, "What do you mean?" He said,"You've been in our church, you know, all these months and you've never given us an offering and you call me your spiritual father." And I said, "Really, I can't just come and get blessed and . . . ? I . . . .You mean you want me to tithe?" I said, "What's tithing?" I didn't even know--we're not asking for your tithe. But I didn't even understand what tithing, let alone offerings, were. And he said, "I've been mentoring you for six months and I don't think you've ever given one offering in the church." He said, "That doesn't mean I don't love you and that doesn't mean that you don't love me. But if you really love me it'd be great if you could show me some support once in a while." How many of you love what God's doing? How many of you love what God's doing? So how about "show me" tonight? We love--we're behind you, Todd. We're behind what God is doing. We want to bless you in the offering. You're blessing the Kingdom. So can I have all my ushers come?

End quote.

There is much to rightly criticize in this episode, such as Todd's promise that audience members will receive impartation in proportion to their financial gifts. But it's not necessary or appropriate to quote Todd out of context.

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