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I love all of it! One way we often talk of it is that to live "missionally" is to be concerned with reconciliation and restoration in all domains, on all fronts. Which often keeps us moving slowly in the eyes of the modern man if you look at statistics but the relationships we DO make are holistically maintained.

Hi Mark, this is the last post of the day for me, and there's no absorption space left in my brain! So will have to come back another day, but just wanted to drop by to say hello and glad you synchroblogged! And let you know I added a section on Tessera Learning Trail to my synchroblog post.

Rock on, on the Rock, my friend. Hope to see you in person sometime ... Brad

This means so much more than “Evangelism” it means being peacemakers in the whole of creation. Evangelism is there, in “proclaiming the Good News”, but even there proclamation is more than simple verbal “preaching”, it is being and bearing witness to the possibility of reconciliation with the Creator, it is being and bearing the image of God in the world in every aspect of living.

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