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Mark, no rant my friend. I couldn't agree more. How China, with the atrocites it has committed against humanity, and the environment...was given the games...completely bloggles the mind.
Oh yah...and then lets add in the cost of the Bejing Olympics coming up later this year...

A Chinese Olympic logistics expert said Thursday that the 29th Olympic Games to be held in Beijing will cost approximately 41.7 billion yuan (about 5 billion US dollars) in logistics services.

The olympics, have grown to something so far beyond a vision of a world of peace, justice...to something of the worst imaginable.

Oh Mark, here's somemore stats for you, on Vancouver's 2010 winter olympics...

Some dollar figures re: Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics, some two years hence:

$1.63-billion VANOC operating budget
$580-million Venue construction and renovation budget
$221-million Operating revenue (as of Oct. 31, 2007)
$200-million Operating expenses
$691-million Funds raised through domestic sponsorship by Oct. 31, 2007 (90.5 per cent of its $760-million target)
$6.3-million Funds raised through licensing agreements

Meanwhile, here in Vancouver Poverty, and Homelessness in the city is spiraling out of control.
I wonder how much we could impact the impoverished places of the world by spending that much money. Surely...that would bring the global village a little closer together.

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