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it fills me with so much joy to read what is written here and in the link post - we live in a small ex-council house - and our back room is filled with the largest size of table we can manage - this morning we had more than 30 neighbours crammed in sharing pancakes for brunch - we are a little baby church and we have had so much grief from big church people over being so openly hospitable and accepting of 'strangers' - this will be the ninth church we have raised from a wee baby through sharing food and simply being a family alongside our neighbours - there is no magic about it - it is an ordinary gospel - but my local minister would burn me for a witch if he had half a chance and my children suffer the label 'heretic' in the name of Jesus because we are as scandalously generous and as outrageously hospitable and as disgracefully accepting as He is - i love what this post is all about - but sometimes it is SO hard to be walking in the way of Jesus - peace, julie

Julie... that sounds fantastic... I wish we had a table that big ;) seriously keep going... I've very much valued your encouragement and I love the sound of what you're doing, it's authentic, real, and by the sound of it "working" and if it is "Heretical" it is because it is outside of an orthodoxy that does not reflect the Jesus that I read about in Scripture!
We hold you and your "baby church" in our prayers.


thank you for your prayers mark - it is good to be 'held' - peace, julie

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