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this is SO good mark - thank you for sharing it ! peace, julie

Thanks (again) Julie... as ever it's pretty "stream of consciousness" stuff, I don't spend a lot of time over these things... but God does seem to use my utter inability with English (took me three times to get my English O'Level!) & I'm ever grateful for your encouragement.

i think that people who feel least gifted at language are often those best placed to write, especially with regards to liturgy or poetry - that kind of stuff is all the better for emerging out of a jumble of feelings and intuitions - people who are good with language are often not very effective at communicating the tacit stuff (the stuff we know we know but we are not sure how or in what way we know it) - there is something about the straightforward process of choosing words to speak about what is tacit that is very beautiful - and that is what i appreciate about your writing - it speaks me, what i know i know, but couldn't quite find the simple words to say it - somehow your words capture all of that - so i am grateful back xxj

Thank you so much for these very full lines. So many "foolish" paradoxes to embrace. Really quite encouraging to read this stream of them.

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