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I dont think thats a big enough whip! This ones my favorite. They all came out good.

I was wondering why is there no pictures of Jesus or his disciple telling people to repent and believe, thats a big part of the Atonement, and Jesus's ministry?

Thanks Alan, I guess the answer to your question was that I haven't been trying to tell the whole story, rather it's been about a personal reflection, so each picture represents something which stood out for me as I have been reading and meditating on the story (primarily in Luke as you can see) so I haven't done the parable of the tenants (Christ as the corner stone), taxes to Caesar, the resurrection of the dead, Peter disowning Jesus etc. And I'm not preaching in the sense of having to make sure I get across a "point" just telling some of the story as it flows through the week.

Incidentally I will be going through the story up until the end of Luke i.e. The Ascension

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