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i love the place that you are in mark - your thinking, your feeling and you intuiting - and i love that you are brave enough to attempt to articulate it even though it is tacit and unformed - but it is evident to me that it is forming you in some way - thanks for sharing, i found your words really encouraging - peace - julie

terrifying and wonderful at the same time. praying and in many ways, right there with you.

oh and hey, we are going to be in England in November - probably barham. we'd love to visit :) I know it's about 3 hours (ish) but that's not bad for us.

wow, scarey and yet strangely invigorating I would imagine. This is something I'm struggling through personally as well at the moment

Just to say keeping you all in prayer.

Hiya Mark - it would be dead easy (with my professional PDA hat on) to want to rationalise and explain this experience - but that would be totally wrong - in this very activist world (and church) that battle between stillness and activity, being and doing! Just to say, you don't walk alone - God walks before you, alongside you and behind you. I think of the times we worked together and conversations we had, which feel now like they were all preparing you for now.
God's blessing and shalom on you and the community.

cool, very inspiring post and a great place but scary place to be. Flying a bit of kite here but do you think the letting go could link to the conversations we had in northampton last month? feeling the same of what I can only describe as a call to move beyond. hope to catch up soon

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