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Interesting. It sounds like this person is a real lost soul.

I haven't seen the show (living in Australia we get things quite a while after the event) but I don't think I;'d agree that he is a lost soul - a searching soul, but then isn't that what we all are? I guess the end of our searching is in Jesus as Christians, but I agree with his description of the C of E (Anglican Church here in Aus)as a faith of the head and not the body or spirit. I think that is where places like Safe Place and Deckhomai, and Grace come into their own.

This show I think hits at the heart of the search for most emerging generational people - they want and need...I want and need...a faith that is as much a part of my head as it is my heart and my body - Spirit Mind Body

I'm afraid I have to sagree with Mike.

ANY religion is what you make of it. If this guy wants something he says he cannot find in Christianity, why does he continue to be an Anglican vicar? This smacks of wanting to have his cake AND eat it. A nice safe haven in Mid-Sussex AND the freedom to wander off whatever non-Christian byeways he cares to explore.

If, as he claims, he really wants:

"... a spirituality that is absent from western Christianity. A spirituality I know exists in the extremes of world religions. I hope to enter worlds where rule book and doctrine are replaced by an individual relationship with God and where the attainment of enlightenment is won by hardship, privation and pain. I have to become an extreme pilgrim."

Then maybe he'd be happier in the Roman Catholic church who have institutions where he'd be welcome to indulge in self-flagellation and other kinds of "hardship, privation and pain" in the pursuit of "spirituality."

AJ, thanks for your comment... just wondering what you thought of the actual show?

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