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nothing about flock...but what do you think to derby and billy davies parting company? I think that they've been far to hasty...once promoted a club needs to stick by the manager, they'll prob get relegated, but your 'bouncebackability' is severely hampered by sacking the manager who got you there in the first place...just look at watford.

TBH mate it was inevitable, Billy did a great job getiing us promoted last season... although in many ways it would have been better to build slowly in a sustainable way... why was it inevitable? On the pitch... because a) some of the players he released are better than the ones he has brought in... b) some of the players he has brought in are shocking Fagan who couldn't get in a poor Crystal Palace side, Eddie Lewis a league one player at the end of his career etc. you can't hope to progress with payers like that and tbh those who go regularly are saying we are a worst team this season than we where last! i.e. in terms of players we have gone backwards... c) He broke the Clubs transfer record to bring in Rob Earnshaw (not an exciting signing in itself) but then wont play him!? d) His tactical decisions this season have been woeful, e.g. Darren Moore a good defender at the end of his career, who we all though was needed for the promotion fight last season but would move to coaching this... has been playing up front over Earnshaw!!! d) I'm sorry to say Billy has been an abject failure this season, he has proved that he cannot do it at premiership level... he could have paid less for better players and his match tactics have not worked... when we go down we want a manager who will make good use of the parachute payments, go for promotion again and give us the confidence that if we do get promoted we will have a small chance of staying up... e) of course the other issue is PR, Billy has constantly bitched in public about the board, told us there would be 4/5 signings in the last week of the window that would blow the roof off PP (except there isn't one!) and would transform the team... we got Eddie Lewis! Told us we would not roll over, we where here to compete, then straight away started talking about buying for the Championship! Though Derby fans are sad that it has worked out this way, the majority seem to be in favour of this decision. Ultimately what is the point of keeping him? There is no point if we do go down, then back up again... the only point in keeping him is if we expect a long spell in the Championship.

I wouldn't be surprised if a certain recently unemployed ex-Derby player and Coach is seen around PP in the near future!

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