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you arte misguided - Laphroig is the only one!

Well Rob... I am a man of many Malts... My Freezer top is always well stocked... other favourites include... The Macallan (for an aperitif - sweet and smooth), Craganmore, Ardbeg, Caol Isla, Talisker (a nice bit of spice and lots of pepper!), Highland Park (try the 18yo - superb!), Balvenie... and I always have bottles of Laphroaig both the 10yo and the Cask Strength (the latter being my favourite dram)... but I think the most rounded, sophisticated and complete off the shelf Whisky is the Lagavulin... Sometimes you want to be blown away by flavour and heat - the it's the Laphroaig, but when it's late and I want something flavoursome but smooth and deep... then it is the Lagavulin for me. To put it another way... I always say Laphroaig is the ultimate WHisky experience... but if I could only have one Whisky it would be Lagavulin because it ticks ALL the boxes and works in every situation. Hey, but why limit yourself to one when there are so many wonderful Whiskys... after all it is the "water of life"!

ps just don't go down the Glenlivet route... I'd rather drink water it has more depth and flavour ;) its a single malt for non-whisky drinkers IMHO

I'm with Rob on this one - but then you already knew that! ;-)

Mate, I didn't know you were such the whisky connoisseur! Last you were here, we could've taken you to the Jameson distillery and gotten you a bottle of Middleton. 25 yr. old stuff. Granted, it's not the scotch variety, but some of the best Irish whisky there is, nonetheless. (Don't ask me to describe it though. Still workin' on me pallet!)

But it sounds like you're pretty into this Laphroaig stuff. Must try it sometime. But please tell me I don't have to go to the island of Islay to get it! =)

Brandon... I'm just an obsessive... or as Jonny Baker calls me a geek! I've been to Bushmills and have a bottle of Bushmills distillery reserve single malt... I've heard of the Midleton 25 - from Cork isn't it? - but never tried it, a def for next time mate!

I had a Lagavulin today after a hard day of serving customers and recommending Lagavulin. It was a treat or an award for my hard work and I deserved it. Smokey, beautiful, perfect. Long live the folks who make it!

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