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When i read the research report I was amazed that they were surprised by the results - but when you buy in totally to a consumer approach and suddenly discover that 25% of your church might leave it must come as major shock.
I thought it was interesting that what "mature" christians were saying was that church played a much less important role in their on-going spiritual growth whereas new Christians found the church very important for that purpose. I wonder in the new churches we are "birthing" what this has to say to us - are we into a discussion around spiritually mature / immature?

I think that is an interesting question Andrew... a lot of the "new churches" start from a position of intentional and intimate community... so there is something present about belonging, perhaps it is belonging in a different way... belonging through relationship rather than through participation??? I don't know. The other question is do the spiritually "mature" find less need for Church because they do not need community or they do not need what Church is offering? I think there are clear links between this and Alan Jamieson's research (Churchless faith)

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