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Beautiful shirt, Mark. The illustration style reminds me of some (amazing) shirts from Threadless.com.


I like it, esp if you set it so the statue is set to one side of the shirt. very cool.

Makeesha, Yes, thats the idea... thanks for the encouragement guys. I'll post a link when/if they go live.

aye up mark, nice shirt!
you could try www.bountee.com
very easy to use if you can save your design as a .svg file...

TBH I'm having a few difficulties with it, Bountee didn't like it (not sure why, may have been the formatting, I did save it as an .svg but I don't think it was fully vectored?) and Spreadshirt need it to be converted to curves... I've emailed Gareth (graphics expert at CMS) to see if it can be converted... but otherwise I might have to go and speak with someone local. :( If you have any ideas Si, let me know!

what's svg? I have never heard of that before. probably something I should learn as a graphic artist eh? ;) Mark - - converting to curves has to do with the text.

I'm surprised they don't use pdf's

they stipulate .svg files to make it a bit trickier for folk to send stuff i guess, so that they don't get folk trying to put their holiday snaps etc on there.
they're after designers and artists i think.

i saved mine in adobe illustrator and they've worked ok that way.
if you email me the file i'm happy to save it for you as an .svg here and email it back... might be worth a try?

Hi Mark - do you want to talk to a T-shirt printer about it? I'm no expert but I know a man who is.

In my non-expert opinion, I'd guess that your design is quite fine and doesn't have enough contrast, which might make it difficult to print - not sure if you know, but when you screenprint stuff you lay one colour at a time, so if the design is very fine then even a microscopic movement in the fabric can destroy the design if the detail is very fine.

Anyway, I am sure Rob would give you some good advice if you need it.

Joe, thanks for this, I've done a new photoshop of it where the three "colours" (white grey and black) are now seperate layers, so they could be given more contrast... I would love to talk to your printer friend to see how we might be able to do these.

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