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imagine if it was 1st class!!

yes it is jolly expensive - it prevented me from going to the trident peace vigil last month

if you work for a registered charity it is possible to get some journeys at a discounted rate through 'charity line' see - http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/promotions/e0d47a6bc35ce741019b6b75f6258ae9.html

Roy, 1st Class = £223:00

That will be no surprise to regular train travellers and its quite cheap for a late booking. These days you have to book ahead - with seven days notice it would have been £64 return - but count yourself lucky cos on GNER from Leeds the equivalent fare to be in London for 11am is £227.The last time I travelled to London by train I paid £19 return and sat next to someone who had paid the full £227 booking the day before.

Friend of mine flew to Glasgow from Brum today for 8p. How do we stop global warming with prices like that?

If I need to go from Nailsea in the rush-hour I get a single to wherever I can be by 9.01 a.m, get off and buy another ticket. As I normally have to change at Bristol, Birmingham or Didcot this is quite sraightforward. I just buy the ticket when I change.

It is a ridiculous system though.

I live in Carlise and I need to go to london to get our US passports renewed. For a family of 4 over £250.00. Petrol will only be £100.00 plus congestion charge.

Who sets the prices on the trains?


I have not been on a train for 10 years so i was absolutely gobsmacked by such a ticket price !!!

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