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Oh WOW! That is awesome.

yup- I can't better that- this is awesome. :-)

Many thanks for the encouragement guys

Mark, thanks so much for that. I've been hugely blessed by this meditation. This kind of liturgy was nowhere to be found in my own American evangelical upbringing. You do a phenomenal job of bringing poetic creativity into Christian spirituality.

Brandon, I am such a beginner at writing this kind of stuff, TBH I just sit down and "splurge" it... so thanks you so much for the encouragement! It is a real blessing to us when someone takes what we do and uses it.

Hey MArk, when creating the frozen cylinder do you need to create a hole in the middle for the candle or just let it melt in from on top naturally?

I love this liturgy and will be using it this Sunday with our community - thanks for posting it and making it freely available to all.

Greg, use a plastic container (Jelly mould or plastic storage pot, that kind of thing)... then put a plastic cup/beaker in the middle filled with something to weigh it down (rice, water or something)then fill up the container with water... so you are creating a "tube" of ice with a central space for the candle. I found that you need to give it at least a couple of days to freeze in a domestic freezer. Apparently it helps to accelerate the freezing if you pack around the main pot/mould with ice cubes. I used red food colouring mixed in the water too.

Mark, definitely let us know when you've got plans to come over to Ireland. I'm working with some young leaders who would be blessed by your creativity, heart, and experience.

One other tip I should have said... if you fill the cup with water to weight it down, fill it half with water and half with table salt - prevents the water in the cup from freezing too and makes it easire to get out, when you are ready to remove the cup, empty the salt/water out and fill the cup with warm water and it will come loose.

I really enjoy looking at some of these liturgies, very much in line with some things I'd like to be doing when I start up a second service in my church here in New Haven, CT.

Thanks a lot for your work, It's very inspirint.

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