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Brilliant thanks mate. Going down to my fiances parents tomorrow and we were looking for some liturgy- Not sure my ego can face washing the mother in laws feet though.

LOL... I love the idea of doing this liturgy with you future parents in law! TBH I'm not sure I'd advise it though :-D

this looks awesome - can I plagiarise next year? Love the use of the buddhist prayer too. I have shown this to some of my USA friends, and they cannot get over the title of the blog!!! I am still working on them. But in my perspective, this is brilliantly constructed.

Jo, Thanks, You are most welcome to use and adapt any of the stuff we write. It will all come out soon as part of a booklet we are doing with Proost. Part of a series of "liturgies from emerging communitiees". I knew some folk would have difficulty with the title and some of the language in this... it wasn't done for "shock value" but in attempt to "tell it like it was/is", the reason for washing of feet was of course all the dust, dirt and shit (literally) that would be everywhere... no tarmac ;) I guess this nescesity became ritualised as a sign of welcome and hospitality. It made me think of the call at the end of the passage Christs servant-hood as a pattern for our living... what would it really like to get down and dirty in community? We have got so scared of being tainted or corrupted by an "evil" world that we have built nice "holy" ghettos... often called "Churches"... Ann Morissy (Journeying out) wrote...

"Journeying out requires the capacity to rise above the anxiety associated with encountering and embracing a potentially overwhelming, outside world."

... and I wanted to capture something of the need to be washed in the most significant way by a God who gets "down and dirty" in extreme love for us and the call/command for us to likewise!

Amen, Mark. Amen.

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