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great to read about the redemptorists, you are right, it is wonderful to see how emerging expressions can draw inspiration and guidance from those who have walked the path already.

we at world horizons draw a lot from the celts that went before us, as well as other communities which exist today... to say nothing of the desert fathers and all that jazz.

I believe that those of us who are in an emergent/emerging bracket need to work hard at learning from all the different traditions and set aside the pre/mis conceptions which belong to a different frame of mind.

nice place you have here :)

I completly agree Simon, I think as well as dismantling and reflecting on the edifices of the Church; theology, cultural narratives, leadership structures, expectations, aspirations etc. an important dimension of "deconstruction" is the re-examination of what was left by the wayside by the modern Church.

Completely. I think The Monastery on BBCTV demonstrated that monasticism, surprizingly to most people, had what the five contemporary men needed!

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