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So you won't be a fan of Augustinian theology then?

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

I'm no expert... but I've never been a big Platonist, so I guess not really... The Hippo's theology all feels way to dualistic to me, and his personal obsession with "lust" still seems to have left us with a heirarchy of sin (with sex at the top!)I have always struggled with his statement "There is no salvation outside the church" and I think people fudge it now to fit with modern thinking.. oh he meant the Church Spiritual not the Church Corporeal! No, he meant "The Church of Rome", which in his day was understandable... but I'm not sure it has the same significance now... to say nothing of his justification of violence as a tool for maintaining "orthodoxy"!

I am in sympathy with his hermeneutic of scripture and science hand in hand, one has to understand scripture in tandem with our context and understanding of the world... though pradoxically he believed in a "young earth" in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary!

I am not well read on this either, but I was alluding to the doctrine of original sin - still loved by some Calvinists. The belief that children are born evil and bound for hell until baptised/saved.

I like the idea though. So much of life in the Church has been about not making mistakes and feeling terrible about it when we do. This is releasing and challenging.

Oh ok, in that case.... no, well not in a Calvinist way anyway!

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