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Thank you for posting this I was moved to write this after reading your post.

Lord, you are the one who paint’s the skies each new day.

Lets birds fly with joy and sing your praise.

Lord, you are the creator of all things.

May I look at your creation through a child’s eyes?

And see you glory in it all and then say.

It's you who paints the sky?


Blessing and Peace.



Thankyou for your post: I am constantly inspired by the idea that we are meant to become 'as a child' to see God's Kingdom ...

"I want to be a child again,
and wonder at your love.
I want to trace your Father heart
up in the stars above.
I want to make you laugh out loud
and shake the mountains tall.
I want to be a child again and
know how great it is to be small".

It's so good to know we are children of a Heavenly Father ...

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