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just stumbled in here through a link... good wisdom there.

Earlier this month, I wrote a post on the England-Scotland match on the opening weekend of the Six Nations. I wrote because I like international rugby union, but I was also thinking in terms of, "what might those of us committed to being church learn from observing this?" - simply because that is how my mind works...

The next day when I checked my email, there was an invitation to join an online community of sports writers. I'm thinking, thanks; but, no thanks...


Well I can't see you on the Top Gear site... where is the mention of you??

Its a link on http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/noise/?id=top_gear

This is encourging. I too enjoyed the post on topgear, so glad it got spotted!

The day after I spoke with some folks from my congregation about possibly being called to serve here, I had a ton of hits on my blog site. I began wondering, "How will what I have written be received?" It freaked me out for a few hours. Then I figured, "Hey, that's who I am for better or for worse." Now, 9 months later it doesn't even matter. If someone is going to write you off for one post or for being transparent in your views then they need to engage in some self reflection of their own. But, it still might cost you!

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