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Mark, what a beautiful liturgy, the reality of " mankind and God at table " is so sacramental. From communities to embrace that, to rest in that truth...brings such healing. I love writing liturgies, it becomes the language of the community, sort of a subversive alternative language...opposed to the langauge of empires that surround us. Peace...Ron+

every time I read stuff about your community, I want to move there and join you - truly.

i wish i could just 'throw together' something like this! beautiful, and i'm thinking about using it at one of our gatherings ;)
we miss you terribly...

Thanks for the prayers! I hope that you will publish a book your community's prayers soon after you have furnished them all. I would gladly use them as part of my daily prayer/office.

Blessings and Peace.



We will be doing a collection through Proost... which you will be able to download as a pdf and/or order a hard copy through lulu.com... the aim is to have it for the new-proost launch at Greenbelt 07... cheers for asking.

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