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Thanks for the preview, I hope this means you're all feeling somewhat better if not completely well. Continued health to you and your family.


bravo. bravo. bravo.

I assume you've got 'Edge of the World' by Iona which echoes the St Brendan prayer ('print of my knees upon the sand') etc. Would presumably accompany this liturgy rather well!


Hey Rick... how are you my friend... I'm resally looking forward to catching up and climbing some mountains in March!

Much of "Beyond these shores" is based on St. Brendan, "Edge of the World" does indeed paraphrase St Brendan's prayer (which we have done above too), I love the track "beyond these shores" itself...

Beyond these shores
Into the darkness
Beyond these shores
This boat may sail
And if this is the way
Then there will be
A path across this sea

And if I sail beyond
The farthest ocean
Or lose myself in depths below
Wherever I may go
Your love surrounds me
For you have been before
Beyond these shores

... It connects with the sense we had when we where in Dingle, that the wildness was God's creation as much as the peacefullness... and that God was there before us, with us and after us... Incidentaly, we use an old remix by Hydro in our "set sail" worship, it repeats the first four lines.

I look forward to the Proost publication


I think you might struggle to say that with meaning every day. A daily liturgy is a very difficult balance to get, and emotions wear thin pretty quickly in my experience.

Joe, you are right there is a danger that these things get stale... actually we aren't using the above everyday (these are bits/examples from the liturgies), we have written a different liturgy for each day of the week which will include the readings for each day from the lectionary... but as I say you are correct in terms of the struggle, we will let you know how we get on with them.

Fair enough Mark, I wasn't meaning to sound critical. I think your liturgy sounds fine, I look forward to giving it a whirl if/when it becomes available.

Ultimately, I think liturgy needs to try to do many things (at least it does for a liturgical person like me). First, there needs to be a turn of phrase in those parts daily spoken that is easy on the tongue, yet retaining some depth. As I am generally an unspiritual type of person, there are many days when I hold onto my daily liturgy in a way that a drowning man holds to a liferaft.

But it also needs to draw you deeper. It needs to provide opportunities to do more stuff, say more, think more. Also it needs to have some appreciation that within the community, different people who are saying the liturgy might be feeling quite different, and so needs to have space to say something to all those people.



100% agree Joe... and I didn't take your comment as critical but constructive! incidentally everyday has a meditation/reflection/action to consider along with the readings (which obviously change daily) I really appreciate your comments, great advice/thoughts! many thanks.

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