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Great post, Mark! Thank you for your insights! Adele

Hmmm...the main concern seems to revolve around the idea that Christian B&B owners might be forced to take homosexuals into their home - what a fantastic chance to talk to them and share God's love and truth with them!

But then, why on earth would anyone want to stay in an establishment where the proprietor was so unwelcoming....??

Amen and amen. Didn't Jesus teach us the one thing we were to do with our rights was to give them up?

Good stuff Mark.

Did you see the Gay Sheep article?

I posted about it here:

I'd love to know how the 'unnatural' arguement goes when 11% of sheep are 'gay' as standard...

"did Jesus campaign against the Prostitute, the tax collector or the Adulteress?"

No but he did often draw attention to error in a person's life....which is what many who argue for 'Christian Values' believe that they are doing. Problem is that Jesus next sat down and had a meal with this very same person....something a 'Christian Moralist' would never ever be seen to do!!

Thanks for this post Mark. Appreciate your thoughts. And the passion with which they are presented.

Phil, i agree, as I said jesus did "challenge them to listen to God and live God's way" but in a spirit of love and as you so rightly mention sacrificial hospitality.

I have less problem with pointing to the dust in someones eye (as long as you are honest about the log in your own) but here it seems to be about the rights of Christians to discriminate against someone they disagree with... I do understand the views of these people, and I'm not here making any comment about homosexual (or otherwise) sex per se (though it does make me wonder if these Hoteliers demand to see the Marriage ceritificates of all potential guests claiming to be married etc.) but on the way we as Christians conduct ourselves and about the somewhat bizarre (to me) idea of a Christians rights over others.

... oh and let's not forget that the people he had least time for where the Religous legalists.

So presumably for those protesting, a "Christian" hotel should insist that the only person a gay man can share his room with is a lesbian woman?!

I agree with you entirely. So much of the desire to impose so called 'Christian Values' enables discrimination. There is one somewhat difficult area arising though.....it has been suggested that this legislation will impact upon the theology and subsequent action of an individual Church because it will 'force' (possibly through the courts) the Church to include homosexual people centrally in their congregations and leadership, even if they are opposed to this. If this is so, it could make for some very uncomfortable reflection and action in the future.

Richard... ROFLMAO

Phil... interesting, but I suspect this is the usual scaremongering, for example no Church has been forced to have women in leadership though we have had gender equality legislation for years.

On the issue of Jesus drawing attention to errors in people's lives, I do find it fascinating that when he said to the woman caught in adultery, "Go and sin no more", he did not specify any particular sin, but left it up to her to work out what it meant to live God's way. Perhaps we should do the same.

I've found the whole thing very depressing. I do think there is a small point in the legislation which could be exploited by a more vociferous gay lobby group, but this seemed to get swamped under a swathe of hysteria.
I wish the self-appointed spokesman for righteousness, Michael Reid, would stop. I'm a conservative christian, and I find his quasi-moral-majority schtick embarrassing.

I certainly don't want Christians to be known as people who want to enforce moral standards through legislation. I don't recall Jesus or Paul telling us to spread the gospel by getting everyone to behave themselves. grrr.

I really enjoyed your post. Could you imagine Jesus carrying a protest sign? He pointed out sin and witnessed on a deeply personal level. How many of those protesting today would have stoned the prostitute? It seems there is a better way of getting the message out.

I am involved with the drug addicted everday in fact I am a believer who struggles with addiction myself. It is only by the Grace of God and the fact that people were always there to fling a seed that I came back to Christ. Not because someone got in my face and told me how bad I was.

Now if I am confessing Christ and living an immoral life hey, convict me.

Thanks again


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